A Story of Family

From Humble Beginnings

Tempesta, meaning “strong wind gusts” or “storms” in Italian, is a nod to both the Windy City and the young company’s whirlwind success. The project comes from the father-and-son team of Agostino and Tony Fiasche, the same duo behind Nduja Artisans Salumeria. That company is best known for producing the spicy, spreadable cured sausage called ‘nduja, a specialty of the Calabrian region of Italy. 

From the same family that produces some of the country’s best cured meats under their flagship, Nduja Artisans Salumeria, comes a new multi-concept eatery offering a full-service delicatessen, in-house charcuterie, gelate, craft sandwiches, and an array of gourmet pantry items to take home. Tempesta Market will be your one-stop shop for great food, meats, and groceries…


inspired delicious food.
the artisan way.

Antonio has spent most of his life in the restaurant business. His father owns Ristorante Augustino and his Grandfather have been making Salumi for the better part of 75 years. It seems like food is going to be a family tradition for another generation. Tony and his father have now opened up yet another fantastic space to enjoy their craft. Tempesta Market is this new creation spanning deli, restaurant, eatery, catering and grocery.

Family for more than 100 years strong.


Italian: nickname for someone with a blustery temperament, from tempesta ‘storm’, ‘tempest’

Tempesta seems like a big step forward for the family business, but, per Tony, it’s been a long time coming. “We’ve doubled our business every year,” he says. “Of course, we are a tiny speck in the market, but we plan to keep growing.”

But in-between…There will be Sandwiches.


1372 W. Grand Ave. Chicago

Please stop in for a bite to eat, say hello, or just explore the aroma of fresh, high quality food.

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